August 2015

Student and tutor matching on Chegg Tutors

Project Summary

  • Old core UX was 1-to-1 self-matching
  • Observed that 1-to-many feature had higher lesson rates
  • Applied 1-to-many algorithmic matching to core UX
  • Related projects: Become A Tutor, Chegg Stars

24% increase conversion; $1M incremental revenue H1 2016

Old UX (click image)

Early iterations

  • Earlier designs recommended tutors before requesting help
  • Research participants didn't understand why they would message more than one

User research told us chat is critical first step

  • Design was fine for students
  • But tutors said they need to chat to ensure a good fit
  • Shipped design requires student to reply to tutor's first message

New UX (click image)

Video: New UX

Product architecture